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Bobble Buster

Remove ugly, unwanted bobbles & pills from your clothes,Ā make garments like new again!

The LintRolled Fabric Shaver Pro allows you to easily and quickly remove fabric bobbles from all types of garments;

- Sweaters

- Blankets

- Knitwear

- Cushions

- Jerseys

- DelicatesĀ 

There are 3 sizes of holes in the mesh so that it can tackle different sizes of bobbles, even tiny ones. It has a large blade surface and rotates at 8800 p/m, for speedy effective bobble removal.

NO BATTERIES REQUIRED! A USB charging cable is provided. The bobble container is easy to remove and empty (you'll be surprised at how much it removes!) and a handy brush is provided for effective cleaning.

What's in the box?

- Fabric Shaver Pro

- 2 Replacement Blades

- USB charging cable

- Protective cover

- Cleaning brush

- Instruction manual

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