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Ultimate Lint Removal Bundle

Leave hair around the home as a thing of the past! 

We combined all of our  most effective products for removing pet hair; the Lint Cleaner Pro, the Lint Cleaner Mini, the Bobble Buster, Lint Cleaner Max and our Pet Hair Destroyer. Take advantage of both of them at a discounted bundle price 🐶🐱

The Lint Cleaner Pro is amazing for: 

  • Removing hair, dust and fuzz from carpets. You'll be shocked what your vacuum misses!
  • Removing bobbles from thick coats
  • Rejuvenating cushions
  • Removing pet hair from the car
  • Much more!

The Pet Hair Destroyer is great for:

  • Rapidly removing large amounts of hair from less dense or thick fabrics
  • Picking up fluff laying on top of fabrics
  • Removing hair from delicate items 

    Having both of these means no matter what your pet may leave around the house, you have the solution.

    Bundle Contains:

    • Lint Cleaner Pro
    • Pet Hair Destroyer
    • Lint Cleaner Mini
    • Lint Cleaner Max
    • Bobble Buster
    • Travel Case

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